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product image Delta Hoof Boots
Sizes: 000,00,0,1,2,3,4
High quality all-terrain hoof protection.
product image Delta Hoof Boot - Gel Pad
Types available: Flat Pad, Wedge Pad
The Delta Pad provides extra cushioning on the sole and fits into the Delta Hoof Boot.
product image Delta Hoof Boot - Pastern Wrap
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large.
Wrap provides extra side padding inside the Delta Hoof Boot.
product image Equine Super Goo

A topical ointment for wounds, rashes, rubs, mud fever and rain scald.
product image Hoof Freeze

Hoof Freeze aids in preventing and treating pain and soreness in horses’ hooves, particularly tender-footed horses. It should be applied prior to races, competitions, or hard workouts.
product image Kroops Racing Goggles
Available in a Clear or Tinted Lens. Colours: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow.
The original horse racing goggle used by jocks world wide since invented in the 1940\'s.
product image Magic Cushion
Magic Cushion & Magic Cushion Extreme.
Hoof packing product.
product image Magnum Feed Bins
Paddock Feeder, Flush Bin, Over Rail Bin.
All Magnum products available. If they are not online, we can get them for you.
product image Mount Ease

Mounting Block
product image Mustad Thrushbuster

Thrush treatment so powerful that it lasts for up to eight days without reapplication.
product image Mustad Travel Boots

product image Premium Bungee's
Sizes: 400mm, 600mm, 800mm & 1m
Double clipped tie up bungees. Designed for easy removal from float, tie up, wash bay or wherever you have your horses tied up.
product image Premium Fixed Bungee's
Sizes: 400mm, 600mm, 800mm & 1m
Fixed bungees. Designed to be permanently placed in floats, tie ups, wash bays etc.
product image Right Balance - Hoof Supplement
Size: 2.5kg
A Nutritious, Natural Hoof Supplement containing all your horse needs to keep coat and hooves healthy from the inside out.
product image Sole Pack
Available in: Paddies, Liquid or Paste
Relieves dry, hard, sore hooves, while combating bacterial and fungal infections.
product image Tie Up Ring

Suitable for indoor or outdoors.
product image Tubbease Hoof Sock
Sizes: 110mm (Pink), 140mm (Red), 155mm (Blue) & 165mm (Orange)
Tubbease was developed following the development of the concept by a local farrier. They were trying to solve the probl...
product image Venice Turpentine

Designed to harden and toughen soles.
product image Wind Aid
Available In: 1oz syringe & 32oz bottle
Wind Aid relieves, allergies and minor breathing problems.
product image Wormers
Virbac EquiMax LV, Virbac Strategy-T & Promectin Plus
Three different wormers available for all your rotational needs.
product image Xtra Vet Wrap
Size: 10cm
Colours Available: Black, Blue, Purple, Red, White