Pads / Wedges

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product image Combi Plastic
Sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Flip Flops.
product image Hoof Shield

A unique thermoplastic that quickly softens in hot water to a clear soft putty. Rehardens to tough unbreakable. ...
product image Mac Pad
Sizes: 4,5,6
product image Mustad No Shock
Types Available: Small, Small Hard, Wedge.
NO-SHOCK is a range of pads developed by Mustad Hoofcare.
product image Shocktamer
Types Available: Regular, Large.
ShockTamer dual-density hoof pads are an effective aid in treating sore feet or relieving lameness and can serve as a preventive measure against future hoof and leg problems.
product image Bar Wedge
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large.
These are tapered to raise the heel. They also act as a shock absorber. Built in bar support.