Manuka Ointment


Manuka honey is a natural product that has been used for centruries due to its healing potential. New on the market, this premium New Zealand-made ointment can be used on all animals, especially horses, for treating minor injuries and to prevent dermatological abnormalities.

To be considered potent enough to be therapeutic, Manuka honey needs a minimum rating of UMF 10+ (263 MGO) to ensure effective and rapid results. This ointment is the only one on the market to meet that requirement, as well as having one of the highest MGO strengths and percentage of honey.

To be used on all animals for treating minor injuries and/or to prevent dermatological abnormalities.


Step 1: Locate the wound on your animal. It is advised to clean the wound before applying Manuka Ointment to erase any dirt or excess bacteria.

Step 2: Apply the Manuka Ointment to the wounded area and margins.

Step 3: Some may wish to bandage the area that has been wounded after application of Manuka Ointment. However, this is not necessary and will not affect the result.

Step 4: Watch the magic happen! You will need to reapply the Manuka Ointment regularly until the wound heals.

Available in two sizes; 100g & 500g.

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