Hoof Helper - Hoof Stand

$440.00 excl GST

The HoofHelpers hoof stand in black is lightweight, durable, and crafted from 100% recycled plastic.

Key features include:
- 3-point stand with rubber dampers possible.
- Lightweight plastic and aluminum construction.
- Ergonomically flat standing plate.
- Rubberised forefoot pad infinitely adjustable in height.
- Joint-friendly rear hoof pad made of solid rubber, continuously height-adjustable.
- Rear hoof pad adapts elastically to different joint sizes.
- It comes with two fittings, a rubber capped insert for working on the front feet and a rubber cradle for working on the hind feet. Plus two magnets.

Height without posts: 33 cm. Diameter base: 40-45 cm. Diameter magnets: 6 cm

Available in: Black

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