Hoof Freeze

$85.00 excl GST

Hoof Freeze was designed for the tender footed horse including competition horses. Many owners do not have the opportunity to enjoy their horses simply because the horses are tender footed. In addition, some horses are sore after being trimmed or shod. Hoof Freeze is a great product for this type of ailment. (Sole Pack Hoof Packing will also give relief in this case.) Hoof Freeze is an excellent hoof hardener in just one or two applications.

If your horse has a suspicious white line or thrush then I would grab Hoof Freeze to stop these infections. Do not use Hoof Freeze on thrush or other infections if the infection is extremely deep into the raw sensitive tissue. In those cases, use Sole Pack instead. Sole Pack and Hoof Freeze are compatible and can be used together. We often put Hoof Freeze into a crevice and then push Sole Pack Hoof Packing in. Both products together give a double blast of infection fighters and the packing keeps other debris from entering the void. Do not over use Hoof Freeze, because it can make a hoof too hard leading to easy bruising. When applying, do not get this product above the hoof into the hairline. If you do, wash it off immediately and apply a lotion of some sort. This is a one of a kind product, but it is strong!

Size: 8oz

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