RedHOT Paste


RedHOT Paste is a bitter tasting paste that can be brushed onto surfaces to deter chewing, biting and windsucking by horses and other animals.

Easy to use in confined spaces, RedHOT paste stops animals chewing on fence posts, bandages, leg wraps, rugs, tails and more. Effective in coating hard surfaces where animals like to chew (stables, stalls, trailers, kennels). May reduce windsucking and is safe to use with dogs and livestock.


Capsaicin (3.5mg)*


Brush over the surface you wish to protect with the supplied brush or a rag. It is not known to stain, although recommended to test on a small inconspicuous area. Use gloves and avoid contact with eyes, nostrils or mucous membranes. Can be lightly scrubbed off with soapy water if applied incorrectly.

Sizes: 500g & 2.5kg

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