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Voltage is ideal to ensure horses are ready to start with the bell, first step or jump. Voltage gives a spark to the sluggish starter.

Voltage is a superior Herb and Amino Acid Energy formulation.

Voltage Paste is a high quality herb and amino acid energy paste designed to give a horse a source of pre-race/competition energy and prepare its body for the event.

  • Voltage is an all-natural drug free & test free formula.
  • Safe to use and works fast.
  • Voltage provides the nutrients for natural energy production, combating fatigue, and aiding with concentration and focus.
  • Voltage is presented as a convenient paste ready to administer.


  • Tyrosine: which is involved in energy metabolism.
  • Histidine: is involved in normal growth.
  • Arginine: has a role in insulin production and increases protein synthesis.
  • Go Tu Kola: (please do not confuse with caffeine) is a source of B group vitamins, which have a role in the metabolism and maintenance of normal muscles and nerve function.

    Administer a single tube 2 – 4 hours prior to event.

    **All Kelato Products are NON-SWABBABLE including: Voltage Paste

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